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Automotive Industry

In the supply for the automotive industry, the main objective of both companies is to have a satisfied customer. Quality that is expected from us is given the utmost priority while it determines the entire management of all the processes that begins already in the phase of marketing and preparation of an offer. The goal of project management is to correctly set up all pre-production, production and control processes. The tools that we use for these activities are primarily based on ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and customer specific requirements using statistical methods of quality control during production. The entire process is described by the project management matrix. The first stage focuses mainly on a feasibility study, an RLA risk analysis and above all, on putting together a project team. The project team is nominated by the PPM based on the specific requirements of our customer. Parts development is completed in the second phase. This is mostly the result of previous production of prototype parts and their testing within the test series at the final customer's site. This phase serves to approve the final design of the part required by the customer, both from the aesthetic and functional perspectives. In the third phase, the project team focuses on the most demanding phase, namely on the preparation and planning of the production process. In this phase, the project team prepares mainly the Flow Chart (a diagram of the production process), drafts of the PFMEA documentation, Control Plan and Layout (distribution of workplaces and material flows) as well as similar work instructions. In cooperation with the designers, the construction of the tools are completed and produced in this phase. The final phase includes verifying the suitability of the process and approval of the entire process by the customer in the end.

All of these steps lead to the successful completion of automotive projects. Our goal is PPM 0, accurate fulfilment of customer requirements and deliveries of parts with the final rating of "A" – fully qualified supplier. Our project team can handle all of these very demanding steps, making both companies high-quality and stable suppliers with a high growth potential.

Production of headrest frames

In the automotive industry, Flidr metal s.r.o. focuses mainly on the production of headrest frames. These frames can be single-piece, assembled or welded, possibly in combination with a plastic box. The material used in their production can be a tube or solid material.

We manufacture the frames using well-proven cold forming technologies for bending, assembly and especially grooving.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to offer grooving both by rolling and pressing using single-purpose machines as well as multi-position lines. We are also able to incorporate bending in these lines. For more complex and multiple bends, we can use our fully automatic bending robots.

  • Production of headrest frames
  • Production of headrest frames
  • Production of headrest frames

Plastic mouldings

In the automotive industry, Flídr plast s.r.o. specialises in the production of technically demanding products following requirements for exact dimensions, processing of various types of thermoplastics and elastomers, including materials filled with glass fibres, talc, coloured pigment, etc.

The basic technology is injection moulding, including pressing in the metal components directly into the mould or subsequent thermal pressing into plastic mouldings. Our injection moulding machines are equipped with robots to ensure that the qualitative requirements are met as well as to produce visible parts with patterns.

In addition, we offer the CellMould Technology which is sought after especially for the benefit of having a reduced weight for the moulding while maintaining its mechanical properties. As for our additional technologies, our customers take advantage of our range of plastic welding services, namely Ultrasonic Welding and Infrared Welding.

  • Plastic mouldings
  • Plastic mouldings
  • Plastic mouldings

Of course, all of this comes with the project planning and management not only in compliance with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 but mainly in accordance with the specific requirements of our customer.

Our main goal is to achieve the process of maintaining a stable production where we use technologies and devices to the maximum extent possible to eliminate the possibility of any non-conformities. We maintain these goals at a high level in the long-term which is reflected in customer reviews received as part of annual reports and audits.